ASCAT onboard MetOp-A Daily Arctic Level 3 Sea-Ice Maps on 12.5km Polar Grid ASCAT-A 12.5km Arctic Sea-Ice Backscatter Maps

ASCAT-A 12.5km Arctic Sea-Ice Backscatter Maps pictogram

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Key information

  • Sea Ice
  • L3 - Gridded
  • Arctic: NoneN - NoneN, NoneE - NoneE
  • 12.5km |
  • Sources
The ASCAT level 3 product contains, for both north and south poles, polar stereographic 12 and 25 km resolution grids of backscatter coefficient from the ASCAT scatterometer over sea-ice. The incidence- adjusted backscatter maps (40° incidence) are built from swath sigma-naught data (from EUMETSAT Level 2B product) averaged over one day. The ASCAT radar backscattering properties enable the monitoring of sea-ice extent and edges (by discriminating open water from sea-ice) but also the categorization of polar sea-ice as : multi-year ice, first-year ice. The product includes for each pole the following daily maps : sea-ice backscatter at 40° incidence (with/without water mask), number of data/warnings, normalized standard deviation (sea-ice/water discrimination). The dataset starts at the beginning of the ASCAT mission.

We thanks the EUMETSAT which distributes the ASCAT/MetOp Level 2B data.
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